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Top Five HOT Home Improvement Tips for the Summer Season

Posted by Joshua Curtis on May 25, 2012 at 7:05 AM

The neighborhood can be a pretty competitive environment - who has the best lawn, the best landscape, the cleanest looking shingles!  Okay, so it’s not competitive in the sensethat people are actually competing, but, moreover, it is in the sense that people care what their homes look like compared to the rest of the houses on the block!  Think back to the last time you lived in the suburbs – was there one house on the street that always looked good, possibly better than any other?   Nine times out of ten the answer to this question is likely yes.  Without divulging into any psychological analysis on the matter – such as why people care what other people think – the point can be made that home improvement is important.  Not only does it make you look good in front of your neighbors, but can create a friendly and more comfortable home environment.

When it comes to home improvement tips and secrets, there are no shortage of ‘claims’.  Many construction secrets are spilled over in a repetitive nature, many of them lacking any substance at all.  On the other hand, companies like Best Built Construction actively use such home improvement secrets – and use them for the betterment of your home.   In this way, they aren’t really a secret at all.

1.    Painting:  Best Built Construction will be the first ones to tell you that adding a fresh layer of paint is the best ways to give your home a summer feel.  This may include painting, staining and refinishing.

2.    Create a Summer Hangout:  Summers can, at times, feel long and tedious.  The sun beats down on your deck, through your windows, and you can’t escape the heat.  The solution? Create an oasis on your rooftop. As far as home improvement secrets go this is one of the best.   Best of all, Best Built Construction has themanpower and resources to get it done quickly and at a price that is very affordable.

3.    Decks and Fencing Repair:  One of the most common tasks performed by Best Built Construction is deck and fencing repair.   There’s something magical about having a nice fence around your home – especially if you have children.  It brings about an image of Mark Twain and his numerous characters whose adventures began in the enclaves of family fencing.

4.    Clean!:  Summer is time of cleaning.  Best Built Construction knows that this is one of many top home improvement tips mainly because it gives the home a ‘new’look to it.   It can make the neighboursjealous very quickly.

5.    Be Creative:  The thing about home improvement secrets isthat there isn’t really any.  It is up toyou to think of the best possible way to improve your home – for you. Best Built Construction will be there every step of the way!



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